Dynniq offers a wealth of products and systems to support clients in the effective management of transport infrastructure.

Traffic Management & Control

Strategic management of road space to maximise network capacity:

  • ImCity Suite – the toolbox for strategic traffic management today and in the future. The ImCity Suite includes intelligent tools to manage and utilise data, remote monitor critical assets and control your network; Common Database – the ‘Vault’, Strategy Supervisor, Remote Monitoring, Scenario Manager and Adaptive Traffic Control – Dynniq’s ImFlow.
  • TMS SCOOT – the international adaptive traffic control system. UTMC – Urban Traffic Management and Control, is a DfT initiative leading to open traffic management solutions. Dynniq has been actively involved in this programme since day one; supplying UTMC compliant systems and components to many customers with a vast number of Dynniq Traffic Management Systems (TMS) supplied worldwide, operating several thousands of signal junctions.
  • HATMS – Highways England Traffic Management System. Dynniq’s Traffic Management System (HATMS) is integrated with other systems such as variable message signs and CCTV to exchange data and provide meaningful information to the travelling public. The system provides an integrated platform for the control and surveillance of the country’s strategic road network, allowing the network managers to operate the roads safely and efficiently.
  • Ramp Metering – one of the tools used by Highways England to manage motorway traffic. It uses algorithmically controlled part-time traffic signals to manage the rate at which vehicles join the motorway at a measured rate, whilst managing the queue on the slip road to ensure that it does not affect surrounding local roads.
  • HADECS3 – developed with Highways England to support the implementation of mandatory variable speed limits on selected motorways. It combines radar technology for speed detection, cameras for image capture, and data encryption techniques to ensure safe and secure transmission of evidence files.
  • TT RTMS G4 – a non-intrusive, advanced sensor for the detection and measurement of vehicles (volume, occupancy and speed) on high speed networks. Easy, quick and safer to install and remove with minimum traffic disruption, this intelligent technology is all-weather accurate and extremely low maintenance.

Roadside Traffic Technology

Supporting the effective and efficient coordination of vehicles and pedestrians across transport networks to minimise congestion and to keep traffic flowing:

  • PTC-1® RLCS – smart technology that enables a reduction in cost and time by removing the need for extensive cable infrastructure, and improves on-site safety, on complete traffic signal installations – including civil infrastructure.
  • PTC-1® and PTC-1 Lite traffic controllers - for junction and pedestrian applications; offering fully integrated modern communication interfaces together with an operating system that enables flexibility for new applications. PTC-1 provides a low maintenance and cost effective solution through reliable and robust operation.
  • ​PTC-1® Connect - an IP (Internet Protocol) based communication feature that allows multiple PTC-1 controllers to be linked together, and for information to be passed between two or more controllers.
  • Chameleon® - an adaptable and versatile Outstation Transmission Unit / Outstation Monitoring Unit; contains a powerful processor enabling local control, detection and data processing to be carried out at the roadside. Whilst also offering a flexible approach to interfaces, operating over fixed line, wireless or hybrid communications infrastructures. Chameleon also offers optional MOVA (Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation) functionality.
  • Peek Elite TLED - LED traffic signal heads; significantly reduce operating costs with low power usage and a reliable Central Light Source LED illumination. Delivering improved reliability with 7 year warranty and a better optical performance when compared to standard halogen or earlier generation LED signals.


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