Traffic Management Technology 2 (TMT2) framework agreement

The Traffic Management Technology 2 (TMT2) agreement, put in place by Crown Commercial Service, for the supply of traffic and roadside technology goods and services for use by UK public sector organisations replaces Traffic Management Technology (RM869), which expired on 10 July 2016.

The main objectives of the new agreement are: 

  • A flexible and scalable solution providing a range of procurement options from direct award for low value commodity items to further competitions for complex/enterprise projects.
  • Streamlined model contract terms and conditions. This will minimise contracting effort and barriers to entry for SMEs, whilst providing customers’ with access to an industry approved suite of documents.
  • Optimal choice of suppliers, goods and services giving customers direct access to manufacturers, where appropriate.

Dynniq UK’s presence on the following Lots will enable clients to competitively tender for projects directly with an approved supply chain, or, in the case of Lot 15 Catalogue, to procure products and services directly from Dynniq:


 Lot Number  Scope
 1  For the full range of traffic control products, installation and maintenance  services using Dynniq’s PTC-1 family of type approved equipment
 2  Traffic Monitoring and Enforcement cameras with Dynniq’s remote  monitoring systems, motorway incident detection and digital enforcement  for motorways product range
 3  Geographic Information Systems for location monitoring
 5  Parking and Access management in collaboration with Dynniq’s sister  company WPS
 6  Environmental Monitoring systems and meteorological services
 7  Urban Traffic Management and Control systems and Databases including  Dynniq’s TMS, SCOOT and ImCity family
 8  Asset Data Capture management and analysis
 9  Street Lighting installation and equipment
 11  Communications for mesh and cable-less solutions
 12  Professional services, design and transport engineering consultancy
 13  Ancillary Roadside Equipment for infrastructure products
 14  Intelligent Transport Systems for complex and integrated transportation  system solution
 15  The Catalogue for all Dynniq direct sale products and services including  PTC-1, Chameleon, Detectors, Signals Heads, Vehicle Emissions Monitor  and associated technology