On our road networks, users are becoming more informed and vehicles are becoming increasing more cooperative and automated.

However, irrespective of these changes there will remain for many years a need for network operators to control their network through various technologies. New forms of data such as floating vehicle data from satnavs and smartphones are changing the way users react to network demand, but there will remain the need for strategic control through centralised systems and on-street equipment.

At Dynniq, we provide network systems, on-street technologies, installation, commissioning and maintenance services, and the professional services for configuration and optimisation of traffic network systems.

Systems and services provided by Dynniq and our supply chain partners covers:

Adaptive traffic management using the world renowned SCOOT algorithms -

  • Traffic signal control and signals
  • Street light services and central management systems for dimming and control
  • Car park solutions for pay on foot controlled entry exit and on-street parking
  • Variable message signs and parking guidance
  • Tunnel, bridge and lock management systems and control technologies
  • Enforcement systems
  • Detection technologies; passive and active solutions

Strategic management of the road space is increasing in importance through the desire for greater levels of intermodal integration, and the national and local government priorities for regeneration, economic growth, social mobility and environmental management.

Future systems will depend upon new and alternative sources of data regarding the performance of the road space network that moves away from just vehicles, but will also include cyclists and pedestrians. Using and controlling the road space will require a higher degree of insight through integration and analysis.

The Dynniq ImCity® central management system integrates data from multiple sub-systems and equipment. By combining the essential information into a single, logical, uniform format, an ImCity® operator is able to react rapidly and appropriately to incidents and situations on the network. Access to such a range of data empowers operators to actively manage their network and activate strategies to improve network efficiency and respond to developing situations.

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