Intelligent Mobility is a reality created through a connected network of different transport modes; road, trams, rail, air, marine, and guided transport systems.

It is being realised through the integration of systems and the sharing of data. Data enabling a static view which shows what is scheduled to happen in each modal system through timetabling and ‘normal’ conditions is supporting travel information and journey planning in an integrated way.

The growth in smart devices has created a new demand for real time information on current and future journeys. This dynamic view is a demand for information on what is actually happening on the network through planned and unplanned events or incidents.

Dynniq supports both the static and dynamic views through the provision of Road Space data via our ImCity solution our network analysis services and our telecommunication solutions which enable this integration, monitoring and control.

Analytics, and specifically predictive insight, is another core component of Intelligent Mobility; drawing understanding from the many forms of data. Our Virtual Emissions Monitor, ImViewer and Traffic Data Analyser provide real time insight to network performance.

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