Traffic management and associated infrastructure is seeing rapid change through the increasing availability of ITS technology.

Information can be collected in real-time from individual vehicles whilst ensuring data privacy and security are maintained. This results in data that can be used to enhance insight on how to optimize management of road network collectively, whilst balancing individual road user’s needs. Inclusion of more road users in todays connected world is important to help guarantee road user safety and efficiency through this more strategic management of our road networks.

‘Cooperative and connected systems’, the means by which vehicles are able to communicate with both existing and next-generation roadside infrastructure as well as amongst themselves, is bringing the future of transport to today’s world.
Through rapid two-way communication, data and information services are made available to road operators, transport managers and road users. In-vehicle information services generated using the collated data, provides much more contextualized and personalized information than before.

At Dynniq, we provide the ITS equipment and expertise for connecting road users to road operators and manage the data that is generated as a result. The provision of detailed in-vehicle information allows us to provide both macro and micro level traffic management services in both inter-urban and urban environments.

Dynniq cooperative system technology is already prepared for a wider scope of applications including: road hazard warning, dynamic in-car speed indication, GLOSA (green-light optimised speed adaptation), public transport priority, and incident detection (e.g. on motorways).

C-ITS (cooperative ITS) brings a new dimension to traffic management. For the first time vehicles are not ‘anonymous road users’ but participative elements of a system that seeks to optimise vehicle driving behaviour, leading to:

  • Increased driver comfort through enhanced information availability
  • Decreased fuel usage – higher efficiency
  • Less (unnecessary) stops and resulting acceleration
  • Lower emissions
  • Journey time reliability and minimised delay for other drivers
  • Optimised traffic management services for individuals whilst benefitting the collective network.

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