Promoting intelligent mobility

Dynniq is a leading supplier of intelligent transport systems both in the UK and Ireland and internationally.

We are a dynamic, high-tech and innovative company focussed on understanding our clients’ needs. We are committed to providing high quality, sustainable and cost-effective smart mobility and telecommunications solutions across a range of transport infrastructure. Dynniq Consultancy Solutions is part of our Innovation and Professional Services team that delivers our Services and Solutions portfolio.

The primary aim of Dynniq Consultancy Solutions is to help our clients achieve their objectives through the provision of informed 'Smart Mobility' and ITS advice, analysis and operational support; and the promotion of excellence and thought leadership in the application of innovative transport technology solutions which allow people and goods to travel safely, reliably and sustainably.

The services we offer include:

  • Strategic advice and policy development
    • Enhance capacity, efficiency, resilience of the transport network
  • Research, Development, System Design and Management
    • Foresighting, roadmapping, university collaboration
  • Data Analytics and Network Insight
    • Environmental monitoring, connected vehicles, big-data
  • Network Operations Support
    • Hosting, UTMC management
  • ITS Design, Calibration and Validation
    • Traffic signal design, high speed road system and site data design, tunnel and bridge control system design

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