Employer branding

2019 showed a demand for diversity in unity. Three divisions in one company, each division with its own particular flavour do ask for an approach that strengthens the position of the group and allows more division specific employer branding. We updated and upgraded Dynniq’s jobsite, added more division specific outings to attract the right candidates. Goal 2020 is to add an Applicant Tracking System.

Digital Onboarding

Onboarding is key for an employee’s successful start. Onboarding starts with management attention, we provided a toolkit for all managers within Dynniq. One element of the toolkit focusses on mandatory training, the licenses to operate. To enhance the onboarding and to ensure timely and correct training we developed the Dynniq Online Training Portal with 34 online courses. We highlight the Navision courses, a broad range of digital coursed enable all relevant employees within Dynniq to become better in their performance, day by day.

Get the Code

Dynniq developed several policies over the years. We as a company want to embrace the policies like Code of Conduct, Whistle-blower policy and anti-bribery & corruption policies. The challenge given is the translation to the workforce. From paperwork to feeling. Compliance- and Risk management developed online training for all staff within Dynniq. The policies have been actively promoted within the company.

Mandatory certificates field force

Access to certain projects is denied if an employee doesn’t have the correct and valid certificates. Dynniq launched a program to improve and to automate the process of the mandatory certification. Starting in 2019 the program was finalized in April 2020.

Safety first

Our field force works in all weather conditions, day and night, within the public domain. On street, within power plant, garages or in tunnels and sluices Safety first isn’t a hollow phrase, it’s where we stand for.
Safety walks, toolkits for managers and employees are tools we use daily to prevent any unsafe situation and to draw attention of Dynniq staff and the stakeholders.

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