Upgrading the power grids

Part of the upgrade of the power grid for the growing needs of Holland’s densely populated heartland the ‘Randstad’, energy authority TenneT chooses Dynniq to build a new 380kV substation: Europe’s most innovative highvoltage substation.


The challenge

The Randstad metropolitan area is the heart of commercial activity in The Netherlands. Stretching from an area just North of Amsterdam to the port of Rotterdam in the South, it is densely populated and crisscrossed with roads, train tracks and waterways. Increasing power consumption and power generation mean that the power grid needs upgrading. The transmission authority, TenneT, chooses Dynniq’s tender bid to construct the 380kV station at the heart of the project.

At the outset of the build the vast scale of the project presented challenges for Dynniq. This led to friction with the client. However, hands on project management and a new course in communications and transparent cooperation with the client brought the build to a successful close and resulted in a partnership for the future.


Our solution

Building the Tennet 380kV substation is Dynniq’s first large scale multidisciplinary high voltage project and getting it right involved a steep learning curve. Dynniq was involved in all stages of delivering an operational high voltage substation. From design and engineering through to installation and commissioning.

After a challenging start, project management was overhauled to improve matters.

Dynniq focusses on achieving a high degree of transparency and openness with the client and other stakeholders. This pays off, with a stronger, more committed team, and a successful execution of the project plan.


The result

With this project Dynniq has gained valuable expertise that it will take forward into new projects. Also, it has gained a satisfied client in TenneT. At the final evaluation TenneT commented positively on the fact that the substation was completed in a period of just eight months to a very high standard. The energy transfer authority has since granted new work to Dynniq, building on a positive relationship.