Keeping traffic moving

Highways England uses an Integrated Traffic Management System (HATMS) to control and survey the nation’s vast network of motorways.

The challenge

To operate England’s motorways and roads efficiently and safely, Highways England uses a substantial, integrated Traffic Management System. Dynniq maintains and services the system software.

With tens of millions of users every day, England’s motorways and roads form a vast and vital network for the nation. To keep everything flowing, Highways England uses an integrated Traffic Management system, or HATMS, for which Dynniq has a long term maintenance contract with Highways England.

Our solution

This contract covers the Dynniq HATMS central system installed at four (of seven) regional control centres and Hindhead Tunnel. Although much less visible to road users, good software maintenance has proven as vital as actual road maintenance in keeping traffic moving in a busy nation. Work includes but is not limited to: process improvements, system updates and enhancements, support to Highways England, offline development, testing, financial planning and reporting. In all, Dynniq provides a crucial service to Highways England and has built a strong relationship over many years.

The result

In maintaining HATMS Dynniq has learned a great deal, acquiring competences and knowhow
that can be used in similar contracts or within the organisation in general. For example the importance of required skill sets being held by more than one person, anticipating future developments early, better considering end-user targets and needs in new propositions and employing new methods to minimize system downtimes. But perhaps the most important is a true collaborative approach, recognised explicitly by Highways England.

Working closely with Highways England, efficiencies and system improvements have been realised, resulting in significant savings. This has been achieved whilst delivering extremely high levels of system availability, verified at over 99.9%. Dynniq is proud of its contribution to Highways England’s continued mission to reduce congestion and emissions and to keep England’s traffic flowing.

"Good software maintenance has proven as vital as actual road maintenance in keeping traffic moving in a busy nation."