Fully energy-neutral public lighting

Starry nights on Texel.
This municipality chooses intelligent lighting and realises energy-neutrality, eliminates light pollution and rediscovers natural night sky.

The challenge

Texel has set an ambitious goal to become completely energy neutral by 2020. This means that the island will rely only on locally produced energy from renewable sources to power its everyday operations. 

Our solution

Thousands of LED streetlights with integrated Tvilight wireless control devices and Dynniq’s advanced scenario supervisor software ImCity were developed and installed.

Now Texel is able to cut its energy consumption by more than 60% and become one of Europe’s first municipalities with fully energy-neutral public lighting. And by using the same software system, Texel can control additional infrastructure and mobility elements, such as traffic lights, VMS signs, CCTV cameras, and outdoor sensors.

The result

Thanks to Dynniq’s scenario supervisor software ImCity, Texel gains complete control over its street lighting infrastructure. Using the software, Texel can remotely set up lighting scenarios, change the brightness levels of streetlights, switch the streetlights on and off, and more. With these remote control possibilities and “light on demand” technology, the island saves energy, contributes to safety and moves to energy neutrality. 
With the intelligent illumination the natural darkness on the island has been restored, stargazing is getting popular again.

As strategic partners Dynniq and Twilight continue developing their platform in favour of the Smart City municipalities all over the world.